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Heroin Took My Life Off the Rails

Growing up, I never thought hey, let’s find a drug to put in my body that destroys families. Instead I started with alcohol at thirteen, after getting raped and kidnapped for six months. After a year or two, alcohol was not enough. I had an abortion and got prescribed OxyContin by my doctor. I snorted the pills, and ended up using up to ten a day. When high school ended, I needed something stronger. I turned to heroin. I used it to hide my emotions. It got to the point that I could not even brush my teeth until I had my drug in my system. I spent years lying, stealing, and prostituting myself to get money and drugs.

In 2013, I went to my first treatment center. I stayed clean and sober, worked the steps, went to meetings and turned my life around for a year. Then, my boyfriend abused me and I had another abortion. I turned to drugs again. A year ago, I found my way back into recovery. I fight every day like hell to keep it. I pray, I stay humble. People say that drug addicts are bad people, have no hope to live a good life. They are wrong. They have no idea what it’s like.