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Hey, Angels. What’s With the Wings?

In my continued working of Step 11 and deepening my spiritual practice, I came across this question on a Christian forum last week and thought I would share my answer with you.

“Why do angels have wings if they are spirits? What do they need them for?”

I heard recently that in heaven there are no doorways as we know them today. All the doors are arches to accommodate the angel’s wings. This is a reasonable explanation that may lead to many more questions, especially from an architect. Jean Guyon in her book Intimacy with Christ says this:

“If you talk about something beyond your experience, you are bound to have a hard time explaining it. You will be forced to refer to what others have said, and you will describe it awkwardly. The scriptures are written in a natural and simple way, but they express deep truths. These truths adapt themselves to your spiritual level.”

I’m on the “I don’t know about angel wings” level. However, in my defense, I would like to say I am learning about the vastness of creation. There are not just angels, but loads of different types of creatures and spirits in the Bible. My mind is open to a lot of the strangeness of God because I met Him once. Not quite in person, but in the way Moses met him—hidden in a rock so the glory would not kill him. In the same way He passed Moses, He left a description of who He was with me. Every concept and idea of God was completely erased from my mind. My highest thinking made me feel small and embarrassed. The size, magnitude, and power of my Creator is impossible to explain with human words. My thinking was rearranged on a molecular level in every cell in my body. There was also love—so complete and personal.

With all that knowledge, I am still dying to know why angels have wings or why some have more than one pair or why some have none. The more you focus on heavenly things and mysteries, the more those doors will be opened to you. Then, one day, maybe even in a dream, you will hear the sound of millions of wings beating in worship and you won’t need to know why. You will just wish you had a pair to join in.

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