New Year’s Goals: How to achieve them

January has arrived and along with it are promises for a different cycle to come. With the classic New Year’s goals and resolutions for the next period, this is the time when many think about what to do differently in these 365 days.

And the promises are as different as possible. They range from going back to playing sports, studying a new language, discovering new artists and cultures or, who knows, even starting that diet.

Whatever the stated goal, putting these desires on paper will often help to motivate and inspire the individual. However, in the face of so many uncertainties that we go through, it is natural that there is a certain fear to “think about the future”.

New Year’s Goals: How to achieve them

Thinking about it, I separated some advice so we don’t lose hope and have a turn with more quality of life and mental and emotional well-being. So, learn how to make your New Year’s goals.

change perspective

Thinking about the past year is not always easy. We don’t just live in good times, however, we can’t let something negative from the past continue to haunt the present.

So, take the time to reflect on everything you learned this year, things you thought you would never do and now do. Reflect on what has made you proud of yourself and what you can still do differently. Use all of this as inspiration to learn to see new possibilities in adversity.

Learn to live in the moment

Undoubtedly, thinking and structuring for the future is of paramount importance to prepare for possible adversities and, at the same time, to have something to be excited about and make plans. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that our life is here and now.

We cannot be so short-sighted and not live with our “head” on tomorrow, because in a fraction of a second, everything can change. So be kinder to yourself and learn to live in the moment with all its subtleties.

Solitude is not loneliness

This moment of a new cycle can generate a lot of introspection, however, it cannot isolate us. Having a moment alone is important, but we must also understand the limits of solitude.

For this, technology has been a great ally when it comes to reception, so take advantage of video calling tools, for example, to chat and toast with those you love.

Learn to enjoy your own company

Use this time to reflect: do I really enjoy my own company? With the rush of everyday life, whether at home or on the street, we hardly have time for this moment of reflection.

So, whenever possible, take time for yourself and take the opportunity to learn that recipe you’ve always wanted, watch movies and series, draw, write, dance, compose… here, it’s worth doing everything you like to enjoy your own company .

Take care of your emotional and mental health

Taking care of the mind is a priority that cannot be left out of this next year. By being in good mental health, we are able to deal better with day-to-day situations and have more clarity to define our future.

Currently, there are several ways to start and continue psychological treatments without the need for physical presence, helping patients to have a greater understanding of the issues that afflict them.

A good way to have a psychotherapeutic treatment, quickly, simply and safely, is to look for certified digital clinics, which connect patients to specialists, as is the case with Telavita .

With a good dose of hope and will, it is possible to train our eyes to see other possibilities and perspectives in the most varied situations, places and companies. Therefore, invest in self-knowledge and say goodbye not only to the old year, but also to the old ways of (sur)living.

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