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How To Get Through Holidays When Your Child Is In Jail For Drug Use

Do you have a family member in jail because of addiction?

It’s not easy when your loved is in jail during the holidays.

If you’ve read my other posts on addiction, you know I have a daughter in jail for addiction problems. She was charged with possession of Meth and Heroin. Yesterday, during Thanksgiving, she was all I could think about. Then she called and was almost in tears. She’s usually ok and doesn’t cry on the phone. But since it was Thanksgiving she was really fighting back the tears. Of course I was too.

She said it was just a bad day for her since she wasn’t with us for the holiday. I can’t imagine getting through Christmas without her. I just have to keep in mind, this is the best place for her right now. And that’s how it’s going to be. She’s there until around January. And then she has to go to their boot camp. But all of this has changed her.

At least for now, she’s confident she doesn’t want to use anymore. I just pray she keeps feeling that way when she gets out. She has to stay away from all the friends she had before. Otherwise, when they get together they will more than likely, want to get some drugs. She also has to have a job so I’m hoping she’ll meet some new people that way. Meth is so prominent around here. So many people use it. She’s just going to have to decide not to!

And her father and I have to stay strong and not let her live here if she starts using again. Tough love is something we have learned over the last few years. We let her live here and use our car and even gave her money sometimes. It’s very hard to throw your child out, but to keep them off drugs we might have to.

When she first started using, we didn’t want to turn her in for anything, because we didn’t want her to go to jail. But after three years of living with it, we were so relieved when she got put in jail. We were scared to death she was going to die. Right before she got arrested we found out she was shooting up heroin and meth. We were just devastated and worried sick something was going to happen to her.

Of course no parent wants to see their child go to jail. But if that’s going to save their life, then that’s what needs to happen. We go visit her about once a week, and she looks so much like her old self now. And she laughs and talks like she used to. It’s such a relief, I can’t even describe it. I hate it when we leave there, it’s upsetting, but still, I’m so thankful she’s not using!

If you have a loved one in jail for drug abuse, just remember, they are safe! This is the place for them, and then rehab. Don’t let it ruin your holiday. If they were out on the street, it would be a lot worse. When they’re out and about we are worried to death. So this is better.

Two of my children live out-of-state and they will be here for Christmas. So everyone will be here, but her. It’s not easy. Three of us will be going to see her three days before Christmas. She’s only allowed three visitors a week. But we all will have to keep in mind that she’s safe and finding out that she can’t use again, or she’ll be in prison. Yes prison, not jail. So I’ll have to talk to them when they get here and get them in that frame of mind.

If you have someone in jail over the holidays, just remember this is the safest place for them. And try to tell your relatives to think of it that way. And good luck to you! If you want to talk to me or ask something, feel free to comment or email me. I’d do anything to help if I can. My other posts about this are at the top of the page under “Addiction”. Thank you for stopping by!