How to have self-love: learn how to cultivate it

Do you really know what self-love is? Many people still have difficulty understanding the concept and its importance in building a healthy relationship with themselves.

Well, with such confusion, we can already imagine the inherent difficulty of practicing self-love on a daily basis. And this is an aspect that we cannot leave aside to have a full life.

Because of this, I will explain its meaning and role in our lives. In addition, I’ve separated some tips for you to practice self-love during your routine.

What is self-love?

Self-love is a state of self-appreciation. That way, it’s not just about how you treat yourself, but also about your thoughts and feelings towards yourself.

In this sense, practicing self-love means taking care of your own needs, but without sacrificing your well-being to please others. It grows from actions that support our physical, psychological, and spiritual growth.

How to have self-love?

be connected with yourself

The first step is to learn to enjoy your own company. So, take a moment to reflect, get to know yourself better, understand what your strengths and weaknesses are and what plans were “kept in the drawer”.

Indeed, understanding our limitations and desires helps us to have more empathy with ourselves and what the next steps are to achieve personal fulfillment. Being connected to yourself is critical to truly cultivating self-love.

Take the opportunity to “enjoy yourself”

One of the most important things is knowing how to enjoy your own company. We don’t necessarily need to be with other people to do something we enjoy and are interested in.

So, learn that recipe you’ve always wanted, watch movies and series, draw, write, dance, compose…. Here, it’s worth doing everything you like to enjoy your own company.

Solitude is not loneliness

It’s important to make something clear: just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you need to be alone. In fact, isolating yourself is one of the worst attitudes you can take. We are social beings and we do need to be in touch with each other.

In this way, use the various digital tools to chat with those you love. Make a video call, call or text. The important thing is to maintain the bond and be present in people’s lives.

Self-love is not synonymous with selfishness

We need to make clear the difference between self-love and selfishness, as many still confuse the two. In the case of selfishness, the individual is only concerned with his well-being and has an inflated ego. On the other hand, self-love emerges as a form of self-care.

Understanding your limitations, likes and desires establish a healthier relationship with yourself and, consequently, with those around you. Be sure to take care of the most important relationship you have: the one with yourself.

Take care

It may seem simple, but self-care can be a powerful artifice to get to know ourselves better and see ourselves with more affection and love and still boost self-esteem.

So, take advantage of the moment to have a spa day. Put on a more relaxing playlist, take a shower, take care of your hair and catch up on your personal care routine. Don’t be ashamed, this is your time to enjoy and relax.

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