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How To Use Addiction Unscripted

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Trying to figure out your way around? Let me give you some help.

First Things First: Create a Profile
Click the box in the upper right hand side of the page, and choose your path of registration. You can sign in through Facebook, Twitter, or your own email. It’s up to you!

Take a Look Around:
Addiction Unscripted is filled with stories as eclectic as the people who wrote them! Our stories are broken down into 6 catagories, 4 of which anyone is allowed to submit to:

News – Stories that are informative, sourced, and aim toward education and understanding.
Opinion – Stories from our writers that voice their opinion on a wide array of topics.
Personal Narratives – These stories are deeply personal, first person explorations.
Science & Tech – These are news pieces in the field of science & technology that aim to educate.
Staff Picks – Stories that our staff think represent the quality The Real Edition is looking for.
Top Picks- These are calculated by our specially designed algorithim that takes into account the following 4 variables: number of views, number of completed reads, click through ratio, and reccomendations.

Any story that makes it to the Staff Picks or Top Reads category can qualify to make our site’s front page, along with the home page slider for more exposure.

In each story you have the ability to comment, highlight and share on Facebook and Twitter, and tell the writer exactly what you connected with in their story.

Leave Comments:

One of the coolest features on The Real Edition is the ability to leave comments alongside the story. In the right-hand margin, you’ll see a + button. Click that and leave the writer your feelings. 

Write Your Own Story!

Click the box “Write a Story” and do just that – write a story! Perhaps it’s a personal piece, dealing with an experience surrounding drugs, alcohol, recovery. Maybe you experienced it firsthand, or you went through it with a loved one. Writing and journaling about your experience, you’ll feel a release. Give it a shot!

Maybe it’s a news piece, some research you’ve done. It could be your opinion about a hot-button issue, as the world of addiction is full of them. Perhaps it’s a science & tech piece that you’re qualified to write. Whatever your topic, there is somebody somewhere who would love to hear your story!

Keep in mind, you don’t need to be a professional writer! In fact, for many stories, having a familiar, casual voice works best when trying to connect to someone who may have gone through similar experiences. Having said that, if you would like some “professional” editing help, just shoot Jason an email at [email protected] and he’ll help walk you through sprucing up your draft.

Story Stats

We keep track of all analytics and are currently working on a “stats” page that we hope will be available in the next week or two. In the meantime, we send private emails out once a week to let all writers know how many reads their stories are getting.

Get Paid & Gain Exposure:

As a community we want to help get these stories exposure so that we can continue our mission to inspire hope, resource loved ones affected by addiction, and eliminate the stigma attached to addiction.

To help spread this mission, we reward selected stories with paid and organic marketing rewards, in which we will spend up to $100 promoting articles on selected social media sites.

In addition, some stories will be awarded cash prizes, which can come in the amount of $50 or $100 on any given week, and up to $250 for a story of the month. Sometimes we will announce these contests ahead of time, and other times you may just get an email with $100 from Because who doesn’t like surprises?

* A few tricks & tips for writing your story:

1. You can include a header photo at the top of your story by clicking the space above the title. For best results, use a picture that’s 1000×600 pixels. Other sizes will work, but can sometimes appear distorted.

2. You can include pictures throughout the body of your story as well. Pictures in the body of the text will help keep the reader’s attention, and make it more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. To include a picture, simply hit “Enter” on your keyboard and choose the camera icon.

3. You can embed videos in your story as well. Videos that maybe explain something you’ve referenced in your story, or something you’d like to discuss without going too in-depth. To add a video, simply hit “Enter” on your keyboard and choose the video icon. You can then embed a link from YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video hosting website.

4. To access the text editor, simply highlight the section of text you’d like to edit. In the left-hand margin, you will see options to: 


#-Insert Hyperlink
H1-Headline Setting 1
H2-Headline Setting 2
“-Block quotes

5. When you finish your story, select 1 or 2 tags that accurately represent which category or categories your story falls into, and submit it! It’s that easy!

Share on Social Media.

One of the coolest features on The Real Edition is the ability for you to highlight text in a story you’re reading, and immediately post the selected text to Twitter and Facebook. Read something that hits home especially hard? Highlight and Tweet it! Read something you disagree with? Highlight it and post to Facebook to spark discussion! The Real Edition aims to encourage the discussion of topics that society has for too long pretended didn’t exist. Play a part in peeling back that stigma by opening the channels of discourse!

Oh yeah, and did we mention you can insert video 😉

The video below should answer any remaining questions. Feel free to reach out to [email protected] or [email protected] for any feedback or inquiries. Enjoy the site and don’t forget to TELL YOUR STORY!