The role of HR in the face of changes in the professional market

Undoubtedly, the world has undergone major changes. Social isolation, remote work, new routines and other causes have greatly affected people’s mental health. However, one of the main sectors that has undergone constant changes is the professional market.

According to data recently released by the Continuous National Household Sample Survey (PNAD), from the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), more than 13 million people are unemployed in the country. With such a huge number, uncertainties in the professional environment have been affecting workers.

In this way, knowing how to deal with the numerous changes and instabilities of the market has become a challenge. The “new normal” still causes many doubts in the population and there is no definitive answer to such problems.

The role of HR in the face of market changes

Because of this, it is clear that the role of HR has become even more fundamental in the corporate environment. More than ever, it needs to act with the objective of helping all employees to go through such challenges.

And one of the solutions that this department can find to bring the team together and bring a feeling of welcome is to implement a new corporate culture. Thus, it is essential to plan actions, transparent conversations and monitor changes in employee behavior, even on a personal level.

In this sense, a survey carried out by Lyra Health, a behavioral health company, pointed out that 40% of employees are facing professional burnout during this pandemic period. Therefore, it is also important that the HR team is attentive to the mental health of employees.

As much as it may seem like a delicate topic to deal with, offering support with psychologists, dialogues between managers and helping with emotional issues can make a difference in the work routine. This is the time to break down barriers and strengthen the rapprochement between people, whether through relaxed conversations or online messaging.

What really matters is the demonstration of a genuine desire to know how the employee is going through this phase. This contact, even if digital, but humanized, will make a difference at work, and may even impact on an improvement in performance.

The question of the working model

We know that in the face of uncertainties, it is difficult to make long-term plans, and this includes the issue of face-to-face work. As much as the home office has been well accepted by companies, many of them prefer to see employees in the office every day.

For that reason, it is the duty of the Human Resources department to deal with this dilemma. The hybrid work model, for example, is an interesting way out – even thinking about a transition. It is worth noting that it is necessary to spend the same attention and guidance for those who choose to remain in the remote model.

HR and its strategic role

Therefore, it is necessary for companies, managers and employees to unite, increasingly, in favor of creating new models of action, in various sectors. There is no more room for complacency.

HR has a fundamental and strategic role, because, regardless of social isolation, it is necessary to create mechanisms to keep the team engaged, with the courage to achieve goals and challenges and, above all, maintain stable mental health.

Therefore, reinforce to your collaborator that he is in a safe environment, through a transparent, honest and close relationship. These actions, together with feedback and incentives, will improve teamwork and the organizational climate.

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