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[ Short Form & Affirmations ]

I Choose Life

Pinned eyes, bloody tracks

Dreams shattered like broken glass

Crystal white, deepest black

Feels like there’s no turning back

Dreams diminished, stomach in knots

Weeks of sleepless, painful thoughts

Cold sweats, fits of anger

Body near death, your life in danger

In the dark, shadow people

Here he comes, an angry reaper

Just one shot can fix it all

Cook it up your “last” speedball

Addiction is home to a broken soul

A living body with a massive hole

Psych wards, narcan shots

Family watching as your body rots

In a car or on the street

If your high, who cares where you sleep

Another day, another fix

Creepy men, and turning tricks

Tie it off, fall back out

You can’t hear your friends scream and shout

Blue lips, heart rate low

It can’t be your time to go

Addiction welcoming you to your death

Opening your eyes you spoke under your breath

“Today I choose life”