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[ Personal Narratives ]

I was addicted to saving my son from his addiction

I was addicted to saving my son from his addition, nothing matters anymore.

My son was beautiful, kind, loving, a true gentleman, intelligent, he had a gift to make me laugh, his laugh was contagious even when they were few and far between.

His father and I had him on ice skates at the age of 3; moving on to play ice hockey for 15 years through high school. He excelled at everything he tried from sports and physicality, to writing and covering his favorite sport, MMA. An unbelievable ability to quote movies, sporting statistics, music…., he was a walking encyclopedia. He had a gift of creative writing, the details in everything he wrote made you feel like you were there. He was given the opportunity to write articles and conduct interviews for his favorite sport MMA for CAGEJUNKIES.COM. Here is a link to his all-time favorite interview with his idol Randy Couture (He was a bit nervous as you will see by his constant body movement, boy we had a good laugh every time we watched it).  I was/am so proud of his ability to interview.

Starting with marijuana at the age of 11 moving to heroin by 17. He found recovery in 2009 at the age of 26, he was dedicated to the program, he fell in love and fathered a child in May 2010; my now 6 year old grandson and my son’s namesake.  Jim was an awesome, loving father and proud that his son was carrying his name James Ronald Masciantonio III. Unfortunately, my son was sick with the horrible disease of addiction coupled with bipolar disorder.  

After having surgery in January 2011 he suffered a relapse, December 2011 his girlfriend requested for him to leave their home, separating from his son who adored him.  From that date he was heartbroken and lost as he struggled to get back his recovery, seek treatment to get back on “track”.  There were countless hurdles and struggles he had to overcome.  February 27, 2015 he relapsed and returned to heroin but this time it was laced fentanyl.  He hadn’t used heroin since he moved from Philadelphia in 2008. My son was an opioid addict but swore he would never go back to heroin. We will never know why…..

He was clean and sober for 6 months.

The system failed my son repeatedly, from the age of 18 he went to 25-35 treatments centers, Pinellas County Drug Court that was to give my son an opportunity ended up making his life worse.

A murderer walks the streets of Florida dealing heroin laced with fentanyl!

Some quotes from his friends:

“Hello Diane you do not know me but I knew Jimmy super well and he was a special character and I miss his personality and spirit I love this dude”
“He was a good man. I knew him. Jim was a friend. I can remember his laugh.”
“his soul was good”
“I only knew him briefly but could tell what a great person he was and a wonderful father.”
“The impact he has made on mine and everyone he knew lives will always be remembered. His ability to make me laugh and brighten even the worst situation is what I’m trying to keep in the front of my mind right now.”
“I remember him always smiling and joking around with that unique and contagious laugh.”
“You effected many because you were such a great person!! I love you man. And I’m missing the hell out of you right now!”
“Jim was an amazing guy!”

Rest in Heavenly Peace my Angel Son, you earned it.