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Introducing “Blurbs” and Other BIG Happenings @

By Matt Mendoza (Founder of

We often get submissions that are too short to call a story, yet too long to fit in a 140 character Tweet. Since our launch, 10 months ago, we haven’t really had a home for these entries, and after reading through a couple of those today, I realized we were missing out by not posting these. 

There are those who don’t want to share an entire story, and many of these submissions pack a lot of punch! So I’m pleased to announce our newest category “Recovery Blurbs”! 

Last, but certainly not least.. There have been some rumors floating around that have made their way back to the small staff here at TheRealEdition. I’m here today to comment on these accusations by admitting, that these are entirely true! is about to launch something new, and indeed it is more than just one new feature!

I tend to think that the surprises upcoming, will be the biggest in the history of our site!

So, enjoy your 3 day weekend (It’s President’s Day next Monday), and be sure to check back next week for some RealEdition history to be made! Sometime Tuesday, Feb 16th through Friday, February 19th. 

P.S. This is a Blurb 

Much Love,