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From Irredeemable to Living In Love

I never felt like I was good enough. Things happened to me at a young age that I thought I would never receive healing from. At the age of 10 I remember not wanting to live anymore, I hated my life. The older I got, the more I started hanging with people who did drugs. It was progressive. I started shooting up heroin when I was 21 years old. At first I loved it, but as time went on I realized that I had to have it no matter what, even if that meant giving up my child, robbing and stealing, and even turning tricks. I also became very addicted to crack cocaine and I had just lost everything and lived in a motel in WS.

I hated my life, but I was bound to the drugs. I was in and out of detoxes and jails, until one day I was arrested for prostitution and had no way out of jail. It wasn’t long after that I went to a Christian safe house and rehab for women. It was there that I opened up the Bible for the first time and started a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that has truly transformed my heart. Years later, I am married to a awesome man, I have my son, I work at a job that I love, and most of all I walk in freedom from addiction and a lot of other things.

I have a relationship with Jesus—I am not talking about religion! I am talking about a personal relationship with my creator.

Guys, life isn’t perfect, but I have been set free and I just want to give hope to anyone today that may not have any. If God can love and save a prostitute, why can’t he love and save you? To be saved all you have to do is believe. Confess by your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and you will be saved. I encourage you to ask God into your life, into your situation. He is love.