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From Cocaine Addict & Alcoholic to 8 Years Sober: Here’s How I Did It

When I first got sober I made the decision based on a severe desperation to live life on different terms than I had been.

Synthetic Opioids Won’t Be Stopped By A Wall

The theme of the addiction and recovery community as of late is that we need to get the opioid epidemic under control. This is important,

Getting Sober Through A Drug Rehab For Heroin

After 8 months locked up in a rehab (coming off a large heroin and crack addiction and having to detox off methadone) the day

New Drug Krokodil Sinks Sharp Teeth Into Drug Users

Nicknamed the “flesh eating zombie drug,” krokodil is just the latest nightmare drug to crop up in the United States. Harsh, highly addictive, and

From Substandard to Comprehensive: Changing The Way We Treat Addiction

How do we change addiction treatment from being substandard to being effective at saving lives? First, the stigma must die. Second, those suffering from

Our Voices Matter

It’s been a couple of weeks since I have written anything, which is unusual for me because I usually write about my recovery every

New Drug Called Pink Responsible for Overdoses Across the U.S. 

Have you heard of Pink? I’m not talking about the cool pop singer who stopped doing hard drugs in the 90’s. A new drug

Not All Sober Living Homes Are Bad

There has been some stories in the news lately about Sober Living Homes (SLH’s). Much of this press has been negative. Well, actually, I

Beyond Been There Done That

Sobriety is a great accomplishment. A life free from a chemical dependency is something I thought I could never experience. Learning how to live