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 Leave Me Alone and Look Around

It’s not hypocritical that I advocate for red ribbon week. It’s not like I wanted to use,I tried so hard to stop but my life was unmanageable. I couldn’t stay sober no matter how much I tried. I lost the very little I had to addiction, so why the hell would I advocate for using substances, I feel a little ashamed when I hear people say that “me advocating for red ribbon week is hypocritical” because it’s not like I chose to be an addict or chose to have several traumatic experiences happen. I’ve gone through a lot of work to get to the place I’m at.Shouldn’t this inspire u all? 

See The beauty of what it’s worth instead of focusing on me being an addict and going to rehab. First of all I was sober for a while when I went to rehab but the drugs and the alcohol and the cutting weren’t the problem I was the problem. Be aware of the purpose behind my decisions that involve dealing with addiction, or mental health or simply substance use.