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Loving a Heroin Addict

-Being in love with an addict isn’t always easy on me, especially when Heroin is their DOC.

-But this was his past, he made it clear to me….He was ready for a wife, kids…a family.

-Together we made it happen and you were so strong; this seemed like something you’ve wanted for so long.

-You finally had everything you could imagine, which makes it even harder to believe what has happened.

– It seems out of nowhere, a demon from your past, jumped out of the dark and said “I’ve found you at last.”

-I watched you struggle & try to fight him off, but one day you fell weak; you were too soft.

– You came to me & said “one time, that’s it?” …but I knew if you went there…you wouldn’t quit.

– That demon whispered into your ear once again, “Come on”, he proclaimed, “it’s the sweetest sin”.

-From that moment, I knew I had lost you, but had no idea of the hell you stepped into.

-In and out of the bathroom every half hour, you’d always lie & say “I’m just gonna shower”.

-Always nodding off now, you’re just not there…I keep on looking, but you’re nowhere.

-Things only seem to be getting worse. I keep asking God, “Why THIS curse?”

-I’m finding cotton, needles, and spoons…I just keep faith that this will all end soon.

-Your phone starts ringing left and right & I just know…there’s gonna be another fight.

– About where you’re goin’, what You’re doin’, is this the last time? You always say “stop worrying, I’ll be just fine”.

-You’re gone for hours & come back real high. I can hardly look at you, so I just sigh.

-Can’t trust you with our son or even by yourself, when did our happy home become such a mess?

– You always find a way to put it on me, when it’s clear….YOU’RE the one tearing apart our family.

-I want to hate you, but it’s just your addiction; it’s the only cause for all of this friction.

-I always worry–never know when it’s your time, but all you can think is “get that next dime”.

-I want you to need me more than dope, but at times feel like I should just lose hope.

-We’re all petrified you’ll overdose…..all because “black” is what you chose.

-I open the door, but I can’t get in. Oh no, I just know, it’s that demon within.

-He says “let’s play, give me that vein”….”I promise to take away all of your pain”.

-I finally get in, “Babe, put that down!” You say, “Get out! Not another sound!”

-“I can’t, I won’t just leave you alone, to fight this battle all on your own!”

-“Damn it, Get out, just let me be— I’m tired of hurting, I wanna feel free!”

-“And what if you “go” because you got high?” ….”Cremated”, you say, “that’s what I want when I die.”

-I look at the ground, beg and plead…”please baby, this is not what you need!”

-But it’s too late, I couldn’t get to you again….instead, your addiction consumed you from within.

-But I won’t give up on you and me, not til’ your soul has been set free.

-I know you can do it, I know you’ll pull through. You’ll come back to me, and bring the “old” you.

-It seems one thing has been true all along, you don’t really know what you’ve got til’ it’s gone.

– So the next time that you come back to me, I’ll be even more grateful for you…Heroin free…..