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Message From beyond

I recently celebrated 10 years of continuous sobriety from alcohol and drugs. As part of the celebration my Alcoholics Anonymous Home Group (i.e. – a group one joins and makes a commitment to be part of and help out in) held it’s own celebration where they handed me a medallion to commemorate the occasion.

One of the biggest gifts that my sobriety brought me was a new relationship with my father Mort. Prior to being sober I was a very selfish son who took advantage of my Dad’s good nature and caused him untold worry. As part of my recovery I made a living amends to Mort to be a better son and to not make him worry more than an average parents does. My Dad and I grew to be very close friends and I will be eternally grateful for that. So as I approached this celebration Mort was foremost in mind.

The Saturday before my medallion I had to take my car in to be serviced. It was to stay there all day so I had to get a ride back from the dealership. Along for the ride was another customer whose name was also Dave. This Dave happened to live on the same street that I grew up where I lived with my Dad until his passing. Sunday came and with it so too my medallion. After my medallion ended I noticed I had a message on my phone. It was from a family friend and read:

Hey Dave, we were at World Religion Day today in Whitby, and we had a small binder put together with pictures and articles about the Shul. In the binder was the “Lives Lived” article about your Dad from the Globe. We all had a moment remembering him very fondly, when one of the people who came by to look at the booth perked up when he heard your Dad’s name, and said that he knew him, and sang his praises. Just wanting to share…your Dad certainly lives on, and is missed very much around here.

I returned home and went to bed and had a dream that involved lots of people including my Dad. In the dream my Dad gave me a huge hug. Then I woke up. In 12 Step terms we call this a God-incidence. To me it means my Dad was with me during this celebration and continues to watch out for me as I trudge Road of Happy Destiny.

As part of my long-term recovery I, “came to believe that a Power greater than me could restore me to sanity”. Since my Dad passed away every time I have to make an important decision I ask myself, “what would Mort do (WWMD)?” As this 10 year anniversary occurred and passed I realized that my Dad had become part of my Higher Power. For this I well be forever grateful.