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Monday 29th December 2014: One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, (Dance)Floor.

What’s cracking? Hope everyone had the merriest of Christmases and are now looking forward to the big NYE. This is the first year since I turned 18 where I’m not working in a pub or bar somewhere (behind the bar, or on top of it dancing the macarena in hotpants…) so I’m off to a friend of a friend’s house party to see out 2014 – if ever there was an opportunity for things to go very very wrong this would be it!

Otherwise I have been extremely well behaved since the disgrace that was work’s ‘end of term’ drinks – although I’m not counting last night in this, which I will come to in a sec…. The Christmas party in the village hall on Christmas Eve was good fun, despite the raffle being blatantly rigged (when the person running the raffle has 8 cousins who have all bought tickets, all win, and none of whom are present to collect their swag…. I smell bullshit!), and Christmas itself was pretty sedate, which brings me to late night… I got back into town yesterday afternoon, and having been ‘held captive’ (no better term) in Wiltshire for 4 days, I was easily persuaded to join one of my flatmates and an old mutual friend to go for drinks, which then turned into ALL THE DRINKS! ALL. OF. THEM. I’m talking one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, (dance)floor, and then again. When I’ve had a couple of drinks (8-10), I do believe that I have got rhythm and then some – think auditioning for the next Step Up movie and being in the mindset of having to dance your way out of the ghetto to a better life and you’ll be somewhere close to what I ‘do’. Being late for work this morning and then spending half the day dry retching into a bin is exactly the look that I am looking to avoid in 2015. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t a cracking night though..

I’ve decided that my resolutions for 2014 are to ‘do new things’ and ‘meet new people,’ so get excited for a January spent rpoerting on rugby on tuesdays and saturdays, Salsa dancing on wednesdays (sober..), 2 x christmas parties, ‘straya day, and all the Friday and Saturday nights in between. Ok add in any day between Tuesday and Thursday inclusive. And Sunday – the until yesterday sacred day of doing nothing due to the dirty hangover from Friday/Saturday.I went to a birthday party on a saturday night for a work colleague not so long ok, and all I did was talk about work. I was literally *that* guy. Time to get a life outside of the office!!

So with 76 hours to go until my new sober life style (for the month), I can say that I am quite excited at the prospect of no ‘beer fear’, and also being able to enjoy the view from my high horse. Stay tuned, its gonna get interesting!