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My AA Nightmare

My AA Nightmare

As I sat in the meeting last night I observed that the gentleman next to me had a bad cold. As the meeting went on I noticed that he was blowing his nose and using tissue after tissue. It appeared to be quite the mucus mess. I had a hard time remaining in the now as all I could think of was having to hold his hand during the closing prayer thus risking picking up whatever virus was wreaking havoc on his body.

At the conclusion of the meeting I was relieved to see the gentleman had gone to the bathroom and not yet returned. I finished the meeting grateful I did not have to take ahold of the infected hand.

Later that night as I awoke with the beginnings of a sore throat it dawned on me I had shaken the aforementioned gentleman’s hand when I introduced myself prior to the start of the meeting. Ahhhhhhhh!!!! ?