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[ Personal Narratives ]


The date was February 21, 2012 and the defining moment was my youngest Dale entering a Residential Alcohol Treatment Program for Men in Charlotte, NC. Prior to this precious moment in time Dale had been afflicted by alcoholism for more than a decade. Throughout his addiction there  were many cycles of relapses, but finally everything suddenly changed for him, choosing to LIVE and not DIE from this disease. 

It took the death of singer Whitney Houston for Dale to fully understand that his addiction would eventually kill him like it did Whitney Houston in February 2012. I believe that God ordains a season in time where one experiences a “turning point.” The lifestyle of an addict is summed up by these things “personal pleasures and the insatiable need in dulling your pain.” This disease reduces a person’s judgment and decision making into a “mute state of being.” Nothing about Dale’s choices made any rational sense, because at the root of it all was INSANITY and SELFISHNESS!! The suffering we endured as Dale’s parents is indescribable!! I would not wish them upon my most formidable enemies. As Dale’s mother I became co-dependent  and this led to so much unhealthiness in my own life. My entire focus and attention was convincing Dale to stop drinking, not realizing how powerless we both were to conquer or overcome this “Goliath of a disease.” 

I dealt with severe bouts of fear because Dale was a “risk taker”  while under the influence of alcohol. He gave no thought to how his choices or decisions would affect his family including all the PAIN and GRIEF this affliction brought in our lives as a family. Witnessing this journey with my son was HEARTBREAKING!! At the foundation of Dale’s addiction was underage drinking. My son struggled with social acceptance, and he compromised his morals and upbringing many times just to be accepted by peers. Dale also had been introduced to sex while in middle school by a young woman. This revelation was disclosed while he was in treatment in Charlotte NC, which enraged me in discovering my child had been taken advantage of at such an impressionable age. In other words Dale experienced certain aspects of life prematurely and it profoundly affected him as a teen and young adult male.  

Alcoholism became Dale’s “coping mechanism” as he self-medicated his pain. Divine intervention brought deliverance and peace in Dale’s life he had never experienced before. God SAVED my son’s life and as a memorial to Him I wrote a book sharing Dale’s journey with alcoholism and subsequent VICTORY over the disease in 2014. 

The title of my book is “Experiencing The Greatness of God in the Spiritual Realm” copies available @  

My Ebenezer is a tribute to a LOVING GOD who chose to end the affliction and suffering my son had endured for so long. My Ebenezer is a erected Memorial of “heartfelt thanksgiving to God for all that He has done. My Ebenezer is that AWESOME MOMENT IN TIME where everything changed ushering in the NEW by eradicating the OLD,  a NEW life is re-created for  God’s glory. True FREEDOM at last “thank God almighty Dale is FREE at last.” Presently Dale serves as a Alcoholic Anonymous Sponsor in Charlotte NC, he is employed as a Peer Coach servicing clients with Mental Health or Substance Abuse challenges. He has been SOBER for 39 months and impacting so many lives by sharing his powerful and amazing story to those experiencing personal recovery!!