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My Inspiration for Building an Equine Based Recovery Center

I am a mother of an addict. She has been my inspiration, to paraphrase, good, bad, ugly and, most importantly, motivational…since the day I gave her life. Our walk, over the 5 years of active addiction then to authentic recovery engagement, brought us to this chapter in our lives- Tiger Mountain Recovery for Women, which is equine based. We support our clients battling addictions to alcohol and substance abuse.

Our story knows no social or economic bounds. I was a geriatric nurse administrator. My career included all aspects of growing older with dignity and grace. My expertise was with Assisted Living and Alzheimer’s patients. My husband is an ER Physician, experienced with drug seekers and in-hospital detoxification.

We realized, with our personal and professional experience, we could contribute to the world of addiction recovery, which has more doors than windows. So we began… In April 2011, we started with prayer, from the ground up. Tiger Mountain Ranch provides an ideal environment for our Equine based, Women Only Recovery Center.

We believe the equine component is a mainstay in the addict’s ability to gain insight to reality in a non confrontational way. Infusing the steps of recovery with life skills and activities of daily living, women gain the ability to manage and cope through daily life. Life is change.

We Believe the most important aspect to gaining a life of sobriety is understanding change and the ability to reach out for help when the triggers of addiction lure the addict into remission. It is humbling, seeing the vision come to reality and our program working for other women.

Our journey is long and inspired by personal success, full of the miseries and trials of addicts around the globe. We have crossed the rivers of lies, deceit and manipulation and proudly serve our clients with a Treatment Team that remains in communication for quality care to be continuous.

We believe that to Heal it must be from every aspect of living healthy- physically, spiritually, activities of daily living, self worth, and restoring hope.

We believe that to Empower your life and self, you must analyze and reset what is necessary within you (God holding up the mirror). To help with this we have found horses to be perfect to open up revelations of behavior that needs to be modified. Our Equine program provides comprehensive support for each core education module.

We believe that to Recover you must educate yourself and engage in treatment. This means learning that no matter what the diagnosis, or mental health issue there is a way to cope and handle (understand how to work with it) this is accomplished with a Treatment Team. An MD, a Masters Level Counselor, a Qualified Education Counselor, and Quality Review Specialist. This team coordinates with the client to teach and empower them to manage health decisions and manage medications independently.

Remember the Right’s! It is your Right to fight for your Recovery, It is your Right to refuse treatment- However if addiction has taken a hold of your life you need help to bring structure back from chaos.

We understand that to maintain this momentum we must continue to grow and work the program of Faith, Family, and the 12 steps or Smart Recovery principles. God gives us the tools but as the girls say, “It only works if you work it!”

Of course there is much more to our story to share…another time. For today, we are better than we ever hoped and ready to face tomorrow.

May God Bless you and yours!

Contributed by: Sharon Glidden, CEO