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Addiction Taught Me Everything The Hard Way

My active addition led me towards learning lessons that I wouldn’t have wished upon my worst enemies. I remember the sadness from doing things that were not in my character—merely thinking that I was worthless and had absolutely no concept of realizing where my destiny was meant to take me. I said my then, let me advise you on the now.

Run down: My name is Amanda and I am proud to be a recovering addict. Yes, I say it loud and clear because I am not going to be a part of the problem. I plan on drawing as much attention to this disease as possible so that I can share a journey through a world not everyone can make it through. I don’t have any desire to use: never really did, I just used to use. I had friends when I had crack or pills or would be all about selling myself and making sure that we were all able to party.

Where are these people nowadays? Most have become victims to the game and are gone. Some are recovering with me and some don’t get the concept of the demons they are walking into. I have four children. They don’t live with me. I was afraid of them because I thought I was poison then. They became the reasons why I share my story so adamantly because I was naive. I was lost and I fell a lot during my journey but I pulled through. Everyone thinks they had it rough—most people have their own perspective on how bad they have had it. Trust me, someone’s had it worse but has turned it around. Has this been easy? Imagine having 100 people in a room taking notes from you on your story and amplify it times 100 and you will find yourself in the roller-coaster I am spiraling through because I am worse than any of these other critics out there. Share your story, speak out, and no longer get us stuck in the shadows.