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Narco-State: All it takes is seventy-five thousand dollars and you buy a congressman, even if you are a drug dealer


– That thing about the councilmen, I am checking that and I am helping more than one. It’s for the 2014 elections. – You have got to help a lot of them, so you’ll own them. (…) – Can you get me the list of the ones with a shot at winning, boss? – We got to elect four councilmen, then we’ll have the city. Rondônia is a narcostate. The City of Rondônia, Porto Velho, located on the right bank of the Madeira river in the Brazilian Amazon, and founded by American tycoon Percival Farquhar, is the center of the power of a narcostate. Investigations conducted by the police and released by the Fantastico, the most important TV show in Brazil, presented by TV Globo, shows that the narcostate of Rondônia is, in fact, already bureaucratized – the fate of every great real state. A Congresswoman funded by money from drug trafficking registered in the notary’s office who command his public mandate: Alberto Ferreira Siqueira, aka “Beto Baba”, receives – and this is notarized in a public register – 33% of proceeds from the congresswoman’s earnings in parliament, “further empowering him to indicate the chief of staff or anyone else for a job with a salary up to 1,500 dollars”. Beto Baba paid 75 thousand dollars to buy the congreswoman, financing her campaign. With her in the hands (and who knows how many more other members of the Congress), the drug dealer could interfere with the public administration in benefit from group companies in bidding, exchanging lives for cocaine’s dirty money. The narcostate of Rondônia employs many people. Among the ghost staff in the cabinet of narcocongresswoman “Anne of Eight”, which promised – in the notary – to “share the mandate” with the trafficker, are a taxi driver and a dance teacher. Both live in Porto Velho and have never appeared in the Legislative Assembly, where they should be working. Maybe the taxi driver and the dancer are jealous of Andreia Macedo Braga, epitome of the narco welfare state of Rondônia: she gets, “as an official ghost, a salary of almost 3,000 dollars per month”. She was arrested with her husband, Fernando Braga Serrao, in the apartment where they lived, beachfront, on Natal”. The city is thousands of kilometers from Porto Velho. The narcostate of Rondônia works better than many states of the Brazilian Federation. “To infiltrate the gang members in the policy of Rondônia, the bandits moved more than 15 million dollars and opened 500 bank accounts in the past five years. The money was raised from drug trafficking and embezzlement.” Maria Eliane Soares dos Reis is dead. She was, according to authorities, poisoned slowly – while lunching and dining some toxic substance that made her sick and wither. In recent times, she said that she had been feeling weak. Maria broke the narcoestate of Rondônia in 2011: “the woman of the congressman of Porto Velho, Jair Montes, who is imprisoned, was the victim of a robbery and searched the police station. At this time, police have investigated the involvement of politicians with organized crime. And questioned Maria Eliane Soares dos Reis about the spending of her husband’s campaign. It turned out that the money came from the trafficker arrested this week, Beto Baba”. – We are the only hope for 2014. The election in the state is in our pocket, got it? (Phone interception of Jair Montes) “The wiretaps show that, after elected, Montes developed a closer partnership with the bandits, in order to get a job as a candidate for state representative in the next election.” Beto Baba could be ahead of any manifestation against selling drugs. Could have tried to fund deputies – there is no evidence he has done so – who voted in favor of the recently approved law that expands the war on drugs in Brazil, which has held 30% more dealers in the last two years without any impact on drug sales on the streets . 

 Beto Baba is against the legalization of drugs.