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New Features for The Real Edition!

A REAL community!

It’s been just about 2 months since our official launch, and we’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of support that has led this community to achieve much acclaim.

We are honing in on almost 20,000 unique views per month, and we project to triple that in the next 2 months!

We have hundreds of active users, and we want to make sure that we stay focused on our primary goal; to create and foster community amongst anyone with a stake in addiction.

We are incredibly excited to announce several new features that are now up and running on!

Direct Messaging: 

Direct Messaging Once Logged In

All users now have the ability to message each other, every profile has their own inbox. This way readers can contact writers, and readers/writers can contact TRE admins right here on the site. The default mode is that any user can message any other user on TRE, however you can easily block messaging from anyone that you do not want to communicate with.

To send a direct message, simply click on a users profile, and notice the message icon now next to their name, to the right of the “following” button. Once you click on that you get this:

Social Share Buttons

The social share buttons are now located at the top and the bottom of each story, so that you can easily share an article with just 1 click.


All site users will now be notified with a red or orange tag on the upper right corner of the home page, if you have a notification waiting (such as a direct message or a comment.) Notifications are also sent by email, however this can also be turned off by going to your user settings.

Commenting System: 

The current commenting system allows all users to comment on a part of a story by clicking the “+” icon on the right of any paragraph. However, we have also now implemented a more traditional commenting system which will allow you to leave feedback on the bottom of any story. This also gives other users the chance to comment on a comment, and it gives mobile users the chance to comment, as the side commenting system was never mobil friendly.

Tag/Follower Feeds

Returning users will notice that when you log into the site, your landing page will now be your “Follower Feed”. These are the stories from “tags” and authors that you follow. Understand that you can still click on the “Home Page” to see the front page that people not logged in will see. 

This customized feed will carry staff picks and top reads, so stories that get picked by staff picks will get a LOT of exposure, as they will be seen on everyones custom feed.

All of these changes have been implemented to make this site the first thriving and sustainable online community in the addiction/recovery field.

We have quite a few surprises coming up in the weeks and months ahead (including some high profile interviews with celebrities in recovery). But we are always open to new ideas. Feel free to email any feedback to [email protected]

Much Love,

The Real Edition Team