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No Social Assistance For Addicts

People should get drug tested before receiving social assistance or any kind of money from the government.

Now I can’t count how many times I’ve heard this from people, most of which have never battled with addiction or been on social assistance. I’m seriously getting tired of hearing it and unless they have experienced it themselves they shouldn’t be judging and telling people how the system should operate. 

I’ve avoided talking about this because I know how much of a fuss this topic can cause and I didn’t really want to deal with all the negative comments but I’ve realized my readers are kind and compassionate enough to respect my opinion and not leave any negative comments. Although I know a lot of people are set in their way of thinking and are going to disagree with me, just let me explain why I think taking social assistance away from addicts is a terrible idea.

The obvious reason (well to me) would be crime going up because people who are addicted need money for their next fix and without that next fix they would go into severe withdrawals. I know they’re ways for them to get better, but some are just not mentally there yet, for whatever reason. For example, the chances of stuff being stolen, more people dealing drugs, having more homeless people or having more sex workers on our streets would go up. 

Theirs also the fact that a lot of people who do drugs also buy necessities like rent and food with their money, like I did, and especially people with children. I should know I once was one of those kids. It would have been way worst for me as a child had my parents not received social assistance. Taking me away from my parents would have made things worst for me. I would have ended up rebelling even more and even running away. 

When I was on social assistance and addicted to drugs I still bought myself food and paid my rent. I wouldn’t have survived otherwise and would have probably become somewhat suicidal. Social assistance helps people in soo many ways.

There’s so many reasons why someone’s drug test could come back positive. Besides the fact that it might just be an occasional or rare thing that the person does, what about someone who smokes weed for fibromyalgia pain because they haven’t received the proper medical care and the doctor they’ve seen can’t figure out what’s wrong. There’s just so many possibilities that we can’t even imagine that denying people social assistance based on drug testing is unjust and discriminatory, not to mention the drug test itself is an invasion of privacy. 

Taking social assistance away won’t solve the problem it will just make it worst. We have no right to judge people like that. We don’t know what they’re going through. I just wish people would keep that in mind instead of attacking people on social assistance.

If you can think of any other reasons why drug testing and social assistance is a bad idea please feel free to share in the comments. Thanks 🙂

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