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Not Morally Deficient…

800 Days ago:

The disease of addiction had me believing that all my dreams fit into a syringe. It had me believing I was a good for nothing parasite that would never amount to anything. I had no idea I was sick I had no idea I could stop. Addiction is not a moral issue… Addiction is a disease of the mind , body and soul. It is a social issue and a moral responsibility to help those around us! Right now the cure for Cancer or HIV could be trapped inside the head of someone that is shooting dope or smoking crack or meth or getting blackout drunk. All because like me they believe what their disease tells them. The voice of addiction is so seductive at first but none too kind. It’s like Stockholm Syndrome except the captor is oneself.

I choose to not be anonymous I respect the anonymity of others but if someone doesn’t speak no one hears the truth. The truth is… We are not morally deficient ! The truth is we are not just addicts. We are Fathers , Mothers , Sons , Daughters , Husbands , Wives , Blue Collar , White Collar , Amateurs and Professionals. Most important of all WE ARE ALL PEOPLE. ADDICTS ARE ALL PEOPLE !!!

My Recovery also has a Voice and it tells me to speak and make a difference. My recovery is not a dirty little secret. It’s one of my proudest accomplishments. The disease of addiction has made me the man I am today. For that I am Grateful!

-Aldo P.