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Ode to Heroin (Poem)

I am the con artist who can be found on the streets

My seducing ways force you to keep me within hands reach

My twisted thoughts dance around in your head

I paralyze you leaving you to believe that I am your best friend

My hold on you is stronger than the Incredible Hulk

I will consume you with darkness, leave you feeling hopeless, unloved, and broke

I can make you believe you are on top of the world

Then within a blink of an eye, my vicious ways will demoralize you and leave your life in a whirl

I will eradicate everything in my path

Leaving you to feel the terror of my wrath

You will no longer have friends, family or self-respect

You may very well end up making a call from jail collect

Hoping and praying that someone will be on the other end

Someone who will listen, and someone who will comprehend

If you keep chasing after my dragons breath

Your illness will end with jails, institutions, or death

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