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How to honor your feelings without letting them define you

In any stage of recovery, feelings will be experienced. They are a natural part of the equation, and a natural…

Altering Consciousness: Is It A Human Need?

The curious paradox about abusing vices to escape is that you don’t actually go anywhere. At best, you stay stuck….


Another nice couple walks into my office. They are both professionals, attractive, intelligent, have two children and look pretty normal….

Addiction: How To Prepare For Death, Part 1

My addiction to narcotic pain medication has provided to me an education in life I never could have foreseen coming….

Death over sobriety: treating depression and addiction 

Sam first admitted into drug and alcohol treatment after her involuntary hospitalization release. This had been her second suicide attempt…

Addiction, Recovery, & Recurring Painful Experiences

RJ Handley One of the greatest spiritual truths I have learned after the 12 Steps is that we will repeatedly…

3 Common Misconceptions About Recovery

So much of recovery focuses on early sobriety. The first 24 hours, the first 30 days. Many treatment centers offer…


I was at a meeting recently and someone shared about his spirituality and how we should treat that like our…

A Letter to Those Who Continue to Perpetuate the Stigma of Addiction

Over the last few days I have seen several posts on Facebook about Narcan (naloxone HCl) and the misunderstanding by…