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Hear Addiction and Recovery in Our New Podcast!

Wow! Now I know why I hear so many names at the end of a narrative podcast. But after much work and anticipation,  It’s our pleasure to introduce our brand new podcast “Addiction Unscripted”.  

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes right here! (Please rank our podcast, it really does help)

or find the podcast on the right side of the home page: 

We have created what we believe to be the first narrative-style podcast in the world of addiction and recovery. Each episode focuses on a person or topic that is somehow relevant to recovery, and usually will go along with one of our stories to coincide with the website.

We seek to become the living definition of “full orb” thinking through every element of the podcast… dialogue and background analysis (a complete capture of the frontal lobe, the limbic mind, the occipital functions and even the reptilian cerebral cortex) all coming to life in an authentic expose. Episodes are sometimes humorous, while others are a bit more serious as we explore the good, the bad, and the straight up weird stories in this transformative field of recovery.

Episode #1 is entitled: “Kirstyn’s Story” and it is based off a submission from our community, you can read that episode here:

Again, thank you to Katrina and Diane for the interviews and access to make this a compelling story which will help to put others in the shoes of addiction addiction sufferers, and help to eliminate the stigma which silences too many!

I am proud of what we have created here at AddictionUnscripted, and we will only get better as we progress.

So our podcast finally got posted up on iTunes, if you guys can rate it 5 stars on iTunes, that would be super helpful, it will help kickstart the Podcast so that it has a chance of being displayed on the “New and Noteworthy spot on iTunes”. It is a simple 3 click process.

1. To do that, you simply go to this link:

2. Then press “View in iTunes” directly below the Logo.

3.Once in iTunes, it will automatically bring you to our podcast, and you can simply rate by choosing how many stars (preferably 5).

You do not have to leave a review of the podcast. A simple star rating will go a very long way for us. And each one really counts.

Thank you guys for your continued support of our community. Feel free to share this with anyone you want.

If interested in contributing a story or subject ideas for a podcast, please contact us: [email protected]

Much Love,