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Poem: Harvest of Hypocrisy

Looking for somewhere I can apply blame, the balance lands on zero

Trying to pen a tale of heartache but can’t seem to find a hero

Hands are bloodied from this tug of war, I’m drawing closer to the line

Always anticipating impending failure, wasting precious time

You watched me battle my own demons, satisfaction rimming your smile

I gave you everything you asked for, now it’s your sin that’s called to trial

You see, love, sin is not objective; we simply cannot pick and choose

When you set out to save everyone save you, that’s a battle you will lose

As I dive head first into your sin, the one you consider lesser

Your head spins in confusion, you search for the source of all this pressure

It’s hard to yield a harvest of any value, good fruits of substance and taste

When you stay steady tending your own crop of your natural escape

It’s origin is in the garden when their sin showed them they’d fallen

We will never walk alongside Christ if we still insist on crawling

We keep a vigil at the well where we try to draw both salt and fresh

But our God, He can’t be fooled; He knows the intentions of our flesh

So, here I stand before you dripping and drenched in my own wicked sin

There you sit on your broken judgement throne, let the battle begin again