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Poem: You Are Not Alice

Through the Looking Glass, and down the rabbit hole. FALLING, FALLING, FALLING, spiraling out of control.

Taking this and drinking that, too big now too small. Something isn’t right, But what?! You can not recall.

“The hurrier you go, the behinder you get!” That damn white rabbit, You’ll catch him yet.

A very happy UnBirthday with the Mad Hatter and Hare. The caterpillar’s smoke begins filling the air.

Once the smoke settles, and the roses are red. The Queen shouts in a distance, “Off with her head!”

Wake up Alice! Wake up! It was just a dream. “But Wonderland is real, I don’t know what you mean?!”

“But that wasn’t Wonderland, and Alice isn’t your name. You relapsed and left your world in a flame.”

With a Mad Hatter, a Rabbit, a Cat, and a Queen: that were all real people who didn’t want you to get clean.

So you started chasing Rabbits, now you run from regret. Waking up in your bed, drenched in a cold sweat.

Lost in your mind, memories play like a Marquee. You’re drowning in thoughts of your own, not the sea. 

So get up and get moving! Recovery starts today! With NO thoughts of White Rabbits, to stand in your way.