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[ Short Form & Affirmations ]


I willingly walk with Jesus because my old life made me crawl to my enemy

I kneel at the altar because my old ways left me too high to feel His presence

I speak with boldness about my faith because He died with boldness for me

I look the same on the outside because He does all His work from the inside

I gaze with child-like innocence into the day because I’ve spent too many nights in the dark

I tell you about what He’s done for me in hopes that you would let Him do the same for you

I don’t care what you remember about my past, because He’s waiting in all my tomorrows

No, I don’t think I’m perfect, nor will I ever be, but I serve a God who is

I sing out in praise of Him because He saved me from screaming out from the pain I was in

I stand strong in my conviction because I stand on The Rock, and He does not sway