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Recognizing the Symptoms of Abuse

My 22 Year Old Saw A Tiny Person In Her Closet

This will help you if you suspect someone is abusing drugs.

And this is a horrifying part of my story.

These are the signs of drug abuse, drug addition, and some could be alcoholism.

1. Grossly dilated pupils, with just a rim of colored iris.

2. Tremor in the hands and a general “hyper-activity” or “wired” stimulated condition.

3. Flushed skin tone, dry mouth, sweating

4. High blood pressure, pulse rate, body temperature

5. Long term addicts will display malnutrition, paranoia, aggression, depression

6. Not doing hobbies they used to do and love.


Discovered by a Japanese scientist, stimulants are generally used as a treatment for obesity, narcolepsy (sleeping sickness), and Attention Deficit Disorder.

One of the most powerful stimulants is meth-amphetamine, which is produced in clandestine labs. Drug addiction can happen to first-time-users. Cocaine is one of the most popular recreationally abused stimulant drugs.

Stimulant drugs cause an intense feeling of exhilaration or “rush” along with increased energy and psychological confidence. So people with low self-esteem can quickly become addicted.

Drug abuse leads to addiction, paranoia, and hallucinations. One time my youngest daughter was hallucinating, seeing a tiny person in her closet. That went on all night, she kept yelling at that person she saw, to leave our house. Then she asked me to do it, so I did. Finally I sat her down on the couch and tried to get her to think straight. It helped a little.

The most recent research shows that just under 34 million Americans have used cocaine, making it one of the most popular illegal, addicting drugs. By comparison, only 12 million people (more popular in rural areas) abuse the much less expensive meth-amphetamine. Last year an estimated 300 metric tons of cocaine was consumed by Americans.

Stimulant drugs include:

Amphetamines—Dexadrine, Fastin, and Ionamin, Sanorex, Tenuate, are all prescription medicines

Meth-amphetamines—illegal world-wide but still illegally produced, it is 10 times more potent than amphetamines and can be manufactured in small home-made labs.

Cocaine—a powerful illegal stimulant drug produced from the coca leaf, one of the most abused illegal drugs in America.

Ritalin—(methylphenidate), often referred to as “R-Balling” the abuse of drugs used in treating attention deficit syndrome is a growing problem in America.

If you see any of these signs in your loved one, it’s more than likely drug abuse and drug addiction. Get help as soon as possible. My daughters are both drug addicts. They’re 25 and 21. One was on heroin and my younger one used heroin and then meth. She’s now in jail, waiting to go to the Boot Camp, Re-Hab. I’ve been dealing with this for years now. If you want to talk, just let me know. Leave me a comment.

Another way to know if someone is addicted is when they throw a fit at you for something you say no to. I was yelled at, threatened, screamed at and had things thrown around the house. When I wouldn’t let her take my car, she just had a terrible fit at me.

We also had money stolen and some expensive items that they could pawn so they could have money to buy drugs. They would disappear sometimes for days at a time. I would worry every second, to say the least. Every time the phone rang I was scared to death something happened to one of them.

I know what you’re going through, so, like I said if you want to talk or ask me anything, feel free to leave me a comment. You would need to find a re-hab in your area. Some of them do take insurance. Good luck to you!!!!