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3 Recovery Musings

By: Stephanie Schilling


Always been a favorite of mine.

I’ve been clean and sober for 4 years now (recovering alcoholics), and I’m always reminding myself of the whole “progress not perfection” thing.

We’ve gotta remember we’re not perfect. We’re not superheroes running around with capes on-but, there’s a superhero in each one of us that can damn sure do a lot more than we used to be able to do.

So just for today, remember-strive for progress, not perfection. Give it your best, and leave the rest to God

Utterly Alive

There have been days in my life where a state of happiness wasn’t something I identified with. False smile, empty laughter, and a heavy heart would be more common.

It’s possible for anyone to turn their life into a new direction-to be truly, honestly, blissfully happy.

There are still bad days, exhausting days and even painful days. That’s just it though…a bad day, not a bad life.

Constant effort, focus, dedication and confidence that the world is full of limitless possibilities bring that reminder that I’m utterly alive and embracing it.

There’s a little bit of magic in every single day. You just have to look for it and believe it. There’s so much to be grateful for.


So much truth in this. 

So extremely grateful for God’s grace and presence. I’ll be forever grateful for the amazing people I was blessed to meet this weekend. I had the opportunity to share my story at a Recovery Roundup in Marietta, GA.

I also was blessed to be a part of an awesome panel of recovering alcoholics and addicts. I was so nervous, but in the end-it was the best feeling in the world!  God never asks us to do things without Him.

And I truly feel like He wants to stretch us to make us grow.

Sometimes that means getting outside of our comfort zone.Everyone’s journey is different, but in many ways-we’re all in this together. Most importantly-we’re never alone. 

Never give up on your journey, and don’t forget to let go of the wheel so He can steer. Love y’all beautiful people!