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Resentment Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

I have been in recovery since July 21, 2011. Believe me, it was a hard road, because I stayed in active addiction for 22 years. I bounced from rehab to another and never could stay sober. Why? Well, I understand this thing with these free writing doctors. The doctor that ruined my life to the point that I couldn’t keep a job because of theft. I lost everything I worked so hard for. I went through a $12,000 IRA account in less than 6 months. I broke my checking and savings accounts, I maxed out all my credit cards to the point I couldn’t pay them.

My famous doctor was none other than my brother-in-law, a dentist. I was married to his brother and we had a daughter. Well, my husband died 5 years ago. This family of his took my daughter, and I received nothing when my husband died. Why? he was fighting his own demons. We had been divorced a few years but for some reason we never stayed away from other because we still loved each other. His mother would give him the money to buy me pain pills so I couldn’t pass a piss test so they could take my daughter.

The dentist got myself hooked, his wife hooked, and he got hooked. We went from pharmacy to pharmacy, city to city to get scripts filled. He got caught because his wife was so bad she stole a prescription pad from his office and she had been writing scripts in his employee’s name and her mother’s name: that’s what got him busted. I was high and dry, not knowing how I was going to get my pills. I lost everything I had and everything I loved—no money nothing. This doctor got busted twice and the third time he turned himself into the Board but all he ever got was a slap on the wrist. He lost his license to write scripts for one year and of course he went to a treatment center. He didn’t lose his business or his home; today, he still has a thriving business and still has everything he had then and more.

I had to struggle, but thank God this time after treatment, I went into a women’s sober house for 6 months. That was my saving grace. But this man took my soul and left me to die. I know it’s wrong to hold resentments but I’m going to tell you I will not rest until i see these people pay the price for destroying my morals, my dignity. I was humiliated and blamed for the death of his brother. My name means nothing in my hometown but trouble. That is how I’m viewed, I’m viewed by them and my hometown—thanks to them—as someone who will always be nothing and always a addict and liar. I left my hometown on July 11, 2011 and my health is bad now so I can’t work. I live on the thought of having my revenge one day, because i will return home when the time is right. I will see them in hell. That’s a promise I will keep and see it through.