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Rewired: A Bold New Approach To Addiction and Recovery

Written By: Erica Spiegelman

The multi headed serpent of addiction has plagued mankind for centuries, and despite our most brilliant technological advances, the epidemic of substance abuse continues to spread, jeopardizing our futures and those of our children, our families, and our friends. In the last three decades, the number of overdoses has risen by 300 percent; in this year alone, 100 people a day will die from drug related overdoses. 

 These bleak figures are staggering; however, unlike at any other point in history, we have the chance to reverse our fate.

In the past 20 years a paradigm shift has occurred- the concept of recovery has firmly taken root in our collective consciousness. We now live in an era of great hope-both for our health and for our personal happiness. People from all over the world are starting to discover the joys of physical, emotional, and spiritual self-care. There is a universal hunger for change and enlightenment, and an end to unnecessary misery and suffering.

But this climate of ever-evolving solutions has its challenges. Today, there are practically as many types of recovery programs as there are addicts. Some favor a cookie-cutter approach, churning out an assembly line of sober participants and that all follow the same set of rules or regulations; some use religion, “steps,” or philosophy to indoctorine members; some focus exclusively on a physical cure for addiction, while others ignore the body completely and address emotions. With so many options and directions, it can be difficult to find the “correct” path. Wondering which plan of recovery is right for you can be such a headache that you feel you need a drink just to think about it!


My path to a life of sobriety and authenticity began many years ago, when I was just 25. I was floundering in the deadly waters of alcohol addiction. I found myself spiritless, dangerously close to drowning in a sea of loneliness, desperation and depression. Addiction had deprived me of interests, my dreams, and my desire to grow. It had stolen the very essence of my being. Instead of friends and lovers, wine had become my constant companion. Drinking made me feel safe and at ease; it helped me to function. I remember being up in bed at night asking myself

 “What happened to me? Where have I gone? What is this empty life I’m Living?”

Things had reached the point where I couldn’t hold a conversation without getting shaky inside. I could no longer envision a future without alcohol in the picture. I imagined my wedding day; my handsome, charming, groom before me, all my friends and relatives watching. Then came the dreaded moment…How would he ever get the ring on my finger without my hand shaking? Everyone would see. Everyone would know I had a problem. But it went deeper than keeping outward appearances. I wondered, for example, How I would ever be able to get through nine months of pregnancy without drinking. I stayed up many nights, driven to despair by these thoughts. I realized that I had to either take charge of my life or face a continuing downward spiral where the only outcome was death.

After months of soul searching, I decided to create my own recovery plan. Somehow I knew that the answers I was seeking were inside of me. After all, I could remember a time when things had been different: Even though I now felt lost, I could still hear a small, persistent voice inside that insisted on healing. I began writing down the basic core values and principles that I had abandoned while intoxicated. 

The plan was simple yet comprehensive. It was based on cultivating a healthy mind, body, and spirit, and as I began to follow it each day, I sensed I was recovering on all levels. I found myself living on a new plane of consciousness. It felt miraculous and exciting, and I wanted nothing more than to share my discoveries with others…

This is an excerpt from Rewired: A Bold New Approach To Addiction and Recovery

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