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The Script That Started The Heroin Epidemic

“Addiction, more specifically drugs, bring us to our knees. If you’ve never been addicted you’ll never know the pure hell that we endure everyday, the depression, the pain, the hurt, the sickness, the feeling of unworthiness, the friends who have passed, the failing bodies, the lost hope”.

This was written by someone who knows firsthand what hell on earth is like. I was a witness to this hell as I watched my son, Matt battle his opioid addiction. You see Matt never used heroin. He didn’t have to. He didn’t have a dealer, he didn’t need one. Matt became a victim of overprescribing doctors after suffering a back injury that required surgery. These so called doctors hid behind white coats and pretended they cared about Matt’s quality of life. Month after month they prescribed pills knowing exactly what they were doing to his life…..

In the mindset of blame and finger pointing I wanted to once again attempt at educating those who continue to bash the disease of addiction and those suffering from it. I want you to imagine what it’s like to trust your doctors to help you only to find out they have given you a highly addictive drug. I want you to imagine suffering from the knowledge of knowing you have been betrayed by a doctor who took a vow to “Do No Harm” but has forgotten his promise and now has caused great harm.

I want you to imagine the struggle you live when both your brain and body betray you. Imagine the horror when you find the same doctors who caused your addiction now turn their back and refuse to help.

You’re now thrown into the cycle of trying to save yourself and battling those who say you are not worth saving. People who finger point and call you trash, junkie, and unworthy. People who believe the stereotype and stigma. People who have no idea who you once were and who you strive to be again. You fight the insurance industry, society and yourself as you struggle to stay alive.

I am the mother of a man who believed and trusted his doctors. I watched as my son’s life was destroyed by pill pushers who’s only interest was lining their pockets. Doctors who transformed their patients into people now dependent on their poison pills.

I watch the Insurance Industry deny my son lifesaving treatment over and over again until his broken body could fight no more.

For those of you haters, those who find it acceptable to spread your ignorance without having ever been touched by the mistreated disease of addiction I say be careful what you say and who you bash. We are all one surgery or injury away from becoming a victim of those who should be blamed for the epidemic we now face.

If you want to place blame, if you want to finger point educate yourself first. Doctors and Big Pharma are the ones to blame. Stop blaming those addicted. They are the victims of unscrupulous prescribing of opioids. The research is out there…..

According to researchers at Brandeis University, the University of North Florida and John Hopkins University the study found that “Opioid Addiction caused by overprescribing, NOT recreational abuse is the key driver of painkiller and heroin overdose crisis”.

Another study conducted by the CDC in 2016 stated that

“99% of American doctors hand out prescriptions that exceed the federally recommended 3 day dose limit. Many doctors exceed the limit by a lot”. ” Nearly one-quarter gave out month long dosages despite knowing that research has shown that a months use of opioids can cause BRAIN changes”.

The survey of 200 doctors conducted by the National Safety Council revealed that “more than 70% and 55% of those doctors indicated they prescribed one of two opioids, Morphine or OxyContin for their patients who complained of pain”. Particularly back and dental pain even though these drugs were not considered the ideal treatment for either condition. (

The book Drug Dealer, MD written by Anna Lembke states

that if you look closely at what’s really going on, it’s not just pill mill doctors who are overprescribing, ALL doctors are overprescribing pain pills. “At the end of the day, opioids were the solution not for the patients’ problem but for the doctors problem”.

As a nurse I found this statement profound “What’s become the standard of care for prompting an opioid prescription is very little in the way of evidence for having any kind of bona Fida medical condition. All you really have to do is show up and say you are in pain, even in the absence of any objective points of disease or pathology”.

According to the (NIH) National Institute on Drug Abuse, 75% of those addicted to opioids reported their first opioid was prescribed by a physician!!!!!!!!

My hope is one day the disease of addiction will be treated with the respect and compassion as any other chronic disease. That the Insurance Industry and society will stop discriminating against this man made disease and become part of the solution. Until then, mothers like me will continue our attempts at educating those who hate. We will continue to fight for our children both struggling and those who have lost their battle. We will say their names and tell our stories. Hate will not win, because Every Life Matters.

Matt’s Mom