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Sinner’s Prayer (poem)

Sitting in the dealer’s driveway

Whispering to God about my shame

I do this when I’m alone

When there’s no one else to blame

Weeping in the name of hypocrisy

Head down, can’t look Him in the eye

Trying to numb what only He can heal

Does He hear my prayers when I’m high?

As I ingest my toxicity for the day

I imagine He too can feel the sickening effects

What kind of faithful servant

Would try to destroy what He exists to protect?

My Father knows what burns in my veins

Feels the sting of the fire in my heart

He turns the tremor in my hands into stillness

As I bleed all this guilt into my dark art

I try to love me like He does

How can I do that when I hurt Him faithfully?

It’s a caustic mix I concoct in my soul

All this blind faith and hypocrisy

I can’t hide the ways that I fail Him

He sees under each and every thick layer

I just keep my head down and heart open

Thankful He’s listening to a sinner’s prayer