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Success Is Found From Being Uncomfortable

Great things rarely come from comfort zones.

Our natural instinct pushes us toward the pursuit of comfort. But maybe it should be the other way around.

The feeling of being “uncomfortable” inspires and formulates our sense of direction. It is here that we find clarity into the problems that surround us. For those in recovery, It is here that we make our biggest strides, we are indeed great innovators after all.

I did not want to attend a conference I went to a few months ago, my social anxiety was at it’s peak. But I’ll be forever grateful for the amazing people I was blessed to meet on that trip.  I had the opportunity to share my story at a Recovery Roundup in Marietta, GA.  I was a part of an awesome panel of recovering alcoholics and addicts.  I was so nervous, but in the end- it was the best feeling in the world, and the fruits of that labor resulted in new community, and that is priceless! 

Everyone’s journey is different, but in many ways- we’re all in this together. Most importantly-we’re never alone.

So instead of dreading the uncomfortable aspects in your life, embrace them. You just might realize, that’s when you’re at your best.