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Lily, My Dear, Please Remember These Things.

Hello Angel Baby,

Have I ever told you how grateful I am that you are mine, all mine, all mine? Alcoholism is bad. Of all the beautiful souls that are floating out in infinite space, The Universe chose you and chose me to be forever bound through our blood and skin and love. You are my greatest gift, Wildflower. I have done nothing to deserve you but will spend my life thanking The Infinite Love for giving me you. 

Oh, My Sweet Girl, what a beautiful life you have ahead of you. There are so many things I hope you learn, so many experiences I hope you have, so many emotions I hope you feel, feel so deeply you can’t breathe, and then I hope you write about them or talk about them or share them with someone that means more to you than the sun, the moon & all the stars in the sky… which is what you mean to me, Sunshine, and so very much more.

Please remember that life is always, always, always beautiful… in good times and bad times, life is beautiful. It’s a hard lesson to learn that life isn’t always easy… life gets messy and it gets hard and it will throw you to the ground and it will keep you there until you don’t think you have the strength to stand back up and when you’re down there trying to find your legs, trying to pull the air back into your lungs, please remember these two things: one, life is still beautiful, even from your vantage point on the floor, and two, you’re always, always, always strong enough to stand back up. You are, and will always be, infinitely stronger than you think.

I also want you to know that the world will tell you that you aren’t enough: smart enough, fast enough, pretty enough, funny enough… remember this, Baby Doll… the world doesn’t get to tell you who you are. You are, and always will be, enough. Enough for me, enough for you, enough for God. When you feel like you aren’t pretty enough, do not, I repeat.. DO NOT pick up a silly magazine at the checkout line at Kroger. Those girls are not your standard. YOU are your standard and you will always be pretty enough… to me, Sweet Girl, you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I could stare at you for the rest of my life and it still wouldn’t be enough time to understand how God packed so much beauty in such a tiny little face.

It is also important to remember that most of those that tell you that you aren’t enough are just threatened by you… take it as a compliment. Thank them, silently, for paying so much attention to you and what you’re doing. If you weren’t doing something right, Baby Girl, they wouldn’t talk in the first place. Let them talk. Those that criticize you, those that judge you, those that try to bring you down are the very ones that feel too small, too tight, too strange in their own skin… Put on some red lipstick and smile so big at them they can’t remember what they were saying in the first place.

Hold on tight to the things that make you happy… but also remember, too, that time is relentless, and will eventually change everything. Your life will change, and then it will change again, and then it will change again. So remember this: the bad news is, nothing lasts forever. The good news is, nothing lasts forever. Don’t spend all of your time thinking about tomorrow. The sun will set then the sun will rise and tomorrow will be here soon enough. Stay in today. Cherish today. Love what you have today. And if you’re lucky enough to wake up tomorrow with everything you had today, thank God, thank the Universe, thank Whatever Power It Is You Find In This World for allowing you to keep those people, those things, those feelings for one more day. Thank The Powers That Be for allowing you to be the luckiest girl in the world for just one more day. Stay here, Angel Baby, stay here in today. Tomorrow will come. Maybe it will be better, maybe it will be worse… It’s none of your business.

Look up at the stars and wonder how they got there. Stare at the sunset and wonder how much God must love you to give you such beauty. Hike alone in the woods and be overwhelmed by all of the life all around you. Be kind to everyone you meet. Don’t place too much value in STUFF… it all goes away eventually. Read a book about something you don’t understand. Ask questions. Never compare your life to someone else’s… trust me, comparison is a dangerous game that you will always lose. Listen more than you speak… that applies when praying, too. Lay down at night with nothing to regret.

Above everything else, My Darling, wear love all the time, all the time, all the time… like a crown of flowers in your hair. Let LOVE be on the tip of your tongue every day, in all conversations with everyone that has the pleasure of crossing your path. Love always wins, Lily. Always. And you ARE love, My Darling, everything about you is love. Please never, ever, ever, ever change.

Forever and Always and then some,