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[ Personal Narratives ]

It was a very tough time

It was a very tough time, Dad was sick and I was either at a hospital or work or sleeping. Andrew was in college and made it clear he only went so to play college hockey. He played the game since he was 5 and loved it. Every year we hoped he was eligible to play because he was great at hockey but school not so much. Dad took a lot of time to get better then he went to rehab where we all would spend time and hope things would improve. Sometime during this time I noticed things weren’t right, my Andrew had not been eligible and his career was sliding away, he finished the year but came home and worked for a while. He applied to another school and was accepted but it was never the same.  The coach used Andrew as a backup goalie and this killed him. Well to make a long story short my daughter and I compared notes and realized Andrew was using drugs. Stealing lying, and anger, he lost school his job and respect for himself. He lived in a transition house for a mobth, came home and looked so good. Was Andrew back? He went out one night to watch his friend play hockey, that was the last time I saw him alive. We got a knock on the door telling us Andrew had been in an accident and to get to the hospital. For hours before this we were calling his cell phone (no answer) and watching the police and fire trucks across from our house, wondering what was going on. We got to the hospital expecting cuts and bruises but what we found was our beloved son was gone the victim of a hero in overdose. To add salt to the wound the police and fire we had watched were working on our son. Someone had dumped my beautiful son across from our house instead of at the hospital (3 minutes away)  We never found out who was with him and we still have many questions but we’ll never know what exactly happened. Andrew has been gone for 10 years and we still cry and ache for his presence, I don’t know how it started but it took my son forever.