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Take The “I Did Not Have To” Challenge And Win Thanksgiving Dinner!

Win Thanksgiving Dinner on us, or donate the dinner to a family of your choice! has teamed up with to bring you the “I Did Not Have to” challenge. We’re showing our appreciation to the sober and recovery communities by giving away a Thanksgiving Dinner to one lucky winner.

The contest was inspired by this powerful video featuring the remarkable poem, I Did Not Have To, written and performed by Matt Sedillo.

The sentiment of believing you must behave in a certain way to either meet or destroy expectations is common among those struggling with addiction. The realization that you “did not have to” liberates you and leaves you free to pursue treatment. Expanding on that idea, we designed the contest to encourage people to share their experience and hopefully empower others to confront their respective realities.

We’re encouraging people to share their personal stories and saying “thank you,” by giving away a Thanksgiving Dinner to the contest winner.

To enter, just write your own “I Did Not Have To” statement on a piece of paper or sticky note. Then, take a picture of it and submit it on the “I Did Not Have to Challenge” tab on the left side of BLVD Treatment Centers’ Facebook Page.

Just use the format, “I thought I had to __________________, but I did not have to because ______________________.”

For example, “I thought I had to drink eight drinks a night because it made me more sociable, but I did not have to because I am already a great person and people like me for who I am.”

The drawing winner will be announced November 20th, 2016 and some of the submissions may be posted under #IDidNotHaveTo.

This contest aligns perfectly with the goals of both and BLVD Treatment Centers.’s goal is to create a community where people can share their stories of addiction to inspire hope, resource loved ones affected by addiction, and eliminate the stigma attached to addiction. Blvd Treatment Centers aims to instill in its clients a deeply held sobriety, emotional wellness, and unshakable joy of life.

With more people falling victim to addiction every day, these types of goals have never been more important. Addiction leads to thousands of Americans dying from overdoses each year. Raising awareness about addiction and the communities and services available to those suffering from it, has the ability to save lives. and BLVD Treatment Centers hope the “I Did Not Have to” challenge will do just that.