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The Insanity Of The Treatment Industry

By Jason Smith

“Here we are, 2016, self-driving cars and wars fought with drones, and we’re no closer to effectively treating addiction than we were 75 years ago. While other fields perform non invasive triple bypasses in outpatient settings, substance abuse service providers still use leeches and tourniquets while casting spells and confusing schizophrenia for demon possession. And when it fails – which it most likely will – change nothing, learn nothing, it’s always the patient’s fault.

Day 1 in rehab they teach their definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Which is ironic, since the industry as a whole has been following the same broken model for going on a century, thinking maybe, just maybe, this is the year they produce something other than consistent, systematic failure. If fewer than 90% fail, it’s considered a good day.

The old way wasn’t working. Isn’t working. Never worked. So now?