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The not so perfect bill

House Republicans confirmed Wednesday that their health-care bill would remove a requirement to offer substance abuse and mental-health coverage that’s now used by at least 1.3 million Americans.

Let me get this straight. This is “the greatest plan ever”. This is the plan ” that will provide every American with the best health care ever”. This is the plan that Trump could not wait to thrust on a population that has fought the insurance industry for every available minute allowed by the broken system that continues to discriminate against those suffering from SUD and mental health issues. This is the plan that will kill our loved ones. This is the plan that will allow each state to decide if they will cover treatment for addiction and mental illness.

How can Trump and his ill informed cabinet even think that in the midst of the greatest epidemic known to man that the insurance industry would willingly provide treatment for a disease it discriminates against. If Losing 144 people a day is not enough for Trump to get the fact that even with coverage for treatment we continue to fail at saving lives I have no idea what will.

This plan will give the insurance industry the upper hand. It gives them permission to deny Parity. It gives them permission to pick and choose who will live and who will be left to save themselves. Addiction is presently the most mistreated, misunderstood disease. Trump once again proves he is not fit to be the leader of our country. He has no experience or education in providing our country with comprehensive, affordable health care. After all he admitted “its complicated”. He does not care about those not covered. Those suffering from addiction and mental illness are the disposable people. Society as a whole feels those suffering from SUD deserve to die. The mentality that they did it to themselves disregards the fact that 80% of those addicted to opioids became addicted under the care of a pill pushing physician.

SUD and mental illness deserve the exact same coverage as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Why does this bill single out these two treatable, chronic diseases? How can the insurance industry be permitted to once again discriminate against a disease that kills more Americans than gun violence?

My guess is now that Trump has dissolved the bill stopping those with a history of mental illness from purchasing a firearm he is hoping the problem will take care of itself. Makes me wonder how this “perfect bill” will impact the suicide rates in our country?

We are losing the next generation of beautiful people. This epidemic will continue to kill our loved ones until those in power enforce comprehensive, affordable treatment. Let’s not continue to discriminate against certain diseases and provide treatment for others. Every life matters.