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In normal settings “introductions” are just mere gestures of meeting or being introduce to someone or something for the first time. We encounter various types of introductions throughout our lifetime. An introduction to a potential spouse, best friend, a new career, a new church,  a new college, or  a new life transition, but there is ONE introduction that my son experienced that dramatically changed his life, the introduction to ALCOHOL. 

It all seemed harmless at first to him; yes he was underage but drinking alcohol was part of being socially accepted as a “party animal.” Feeling the social pressure to be accepted my son Dale chose to fit in rather than stand up for his personal morals. Dale was like many teenagers and young adults who desire to be accepted by others choosing to compromise rather stand firm to personal convictions. Drinking alcohol was limited initially to just on the weekends, but over the course of time would become highly addictive. 

Alcohol became my son’s best friend, his life was consumed with this destructive best friend.  This best friend did not want to relinquish its hold and grip on him, but desired to destroy and kill him. When you think about the context of the word “introduction” nothing about this word seems to imply danger or death unless your life has been devastated by alcoholism, then the word INTRODUCTION now takes on a negative connation rooted in its afflicting and oppressive hold!!! The irony of this introduction for my son is I do not believe the person who initially introduced him to alcohol even thought about how this one moment in time would change my son’s life, but oh how it did!!! 

Alcoholism consumed Dale day in and day out. All of his mental energy revolved around getting the next drink even if he had to steal, lie or deceive in order to get it.  Dale’s life was so unmanageable and out of control. As his mother I was fighting a giant named “Goliath” and in my years of living never have I encountered a “giant” that was such adversarial foe like alcoholism was. My son went through cycles of temporary sobriety but later experienced relapses that became increasingly harder to overcome. It was only as a result of DIVINE INTERVENTION that Dale was saved from himself and destruction. I literally became a human vessel of divine prayer. Just praying and interceding for my youngest son with such fervency and urgency because alcoholism was winning and he was losing the very essence of living. 

Living became existing and existing later became desperation because the addiction was too powerful for Dale to overcome in his own strength. When singer Whitney Houston died suddenly in February 2012, Dale shifted from the introduction to alcohol and its demonic hold to the realization that this lifestyle that has consumed me for more than a decade can actually kill me. This led him to make a LIFE CHANGING decision seek professional treatment. 

God introduced him to Charlotte NC where he entered into a treatment program for men and completed it successfully in June 2012. He had another “introduction” to self-discovery “why do I drink?” Dale had another “introduction” to Alcoholic Anonymous fellowships, he later was “introduced” to his AA Sponsor. He has 43 months of sobriety to date and now he is being INTRODUCED as a AA Sponsor; and earlier this year Dale was INTRODUCED to the career field of Peer Support Specialist (Substance Abuse). Successfully completing the training he is certified and now Dale is being INTRODUCED as a Peer Coach to potential clients/consumers there in Charlotte NC. God transformed Dale’s life by first saving it and then by redefining the word “introduction” in his life. He has transcended from the “introduction to alcohol” to now introducing so many others to the “freedom and liberty of life.” What an amazing introduction this is for it PERSONIFIES THE POWER OF INTRODUCTION ; the MIRACLE OF LIFE!!.