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The Power of Restoration by Alexandris Townsend

The word RESTORATION is define as the act of restoring , renewal , revival or to bring back into existence. I believe that in order to receive restoration one must have experience lost especially in the area of personal relationships. Alcohol addiction robbed my family of precious time and caused brokenness in our relationship. As I reflect upon my youngest son’s journey and subsequent freedom from alcohol addiction our family had to learn to navigate through a CATEGORY 3 Hurricane. The wind gusts was of such force that it seemed as though our house’s foundation would not bear up under the relentless thrust of tumultuous winds. Next came the storm surge that was intended to uproot and destroy my family’s existence. Complicating this difficult time as Dale’s parents  we did not understand or fully grasp that alcoholism is a disease. A SICKNESS!! 

Not fully realizing Dale was POWERLESS to stop drinking of his own volition. Over a period of time the disease continued to progressed and so did our resentment and anger at Dale. Dealing with Dale’s addiction was profoundly difficult.  Our son’s drinking resulted in unimaginable chaos. Everything in our lives that reflected normalcy was stolen for a very long time. 

Resentment and anger spawned in our emotions and spirit. Every day was challenging because of the uncertainty of exactly what “hellish torment” the day would eventually bring. As a family we were SURVIVING the storm of alcoholism at the cost of really living life productively. Co-dependency became another unhealthy issue. Every fiber of my being was focus on convincing Dale to stop drinking and get his life together. 

In my DESPERATION I had to make the decision that only God to do for Dale that which he could not do for himself. I discovered that there is REAL POWER in prayer when you stand in faith as well.  So for the next 4,380 days (12 years total) I believed that one day God would intervened in my situation and free Dale from the bondage of addiction. Through this process forgiveness and unconditional LOVE would ignite my prayers and explode my faith in God!  In February 2012 God moved with such POWER in Dale’s life freeing him the bondage and oppression of  alcoholism! 

Entering a residential treatment center for the disease, completing the treatment program and serves now as a Alcoholic Anonymous Sponsor in Charlotte. Spiritual Restoration has HEALED the brokenness we experienced as parents. Dale’s relationship with his father is FLOURISHING in this season of time. God is using me to write about these powerful experiences. Restoration is so EMPOWERING because it is not only brings HEALING and WHOLENESS into Dale’s life, but in lives of his parents also. Finally, the beauty of RESTORATION is that our personal relationships never remain exactly the same, but transcends and evolves into more deeper and richer levels of LOVE, CARING and RESPECT for each other. When the POWER OF RESTORATION is experienced the PAIN and SUFFERING endured is eradicated and every broken place becomes WHOLE (emotionally, physically and spiritually wholeness). The transforming POWER of God at work in 2016; a family broken, but now a family SPIRITUALLY RESTORED!!