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The Power of Writing in Recovery

This is an uncensored collection of articles I wrote for a website called The first one was written in May of 2016 and we are in July of 2016 now and I am still writing so when I finally stop I will compile them all together and see what you all think about them. You know I found out that I enjoyed writing on accident to be quite honest with you. What happened was somebody posted an article on my Facebook page from the website I mentioned a moment ago and it touched my heart so I replied. Then solely out of curiosity I looked the page up and much to my surprise it said to sign up with us and write a story and maybe we will publish it for you. That we are trying to gather the brightest writers in recovery and get them exposure and get their stories heard. So the first one I submitted was actually a goodbye type letter to my drug of choice methamphetamine that my outpatient treatment counselor had given me as an assignment to do as part of my treatment. Everyone in my treatment group including my counselor really liked the way that assignment turned out as I read it to my outpatient group therapy class the following morning.

So I simply copied that letter and submitted it to and they published it right away. That really took me by surprise I never thought it would get published at all to be quite honest with you. So since that day in early may of this year and at only 38 days clean and sober at the time I became a published author I guess you could say and I have been writing and submitting articles to them ever since. I have two published with them now and I have nine more completed and pending publication.

I just want you all to know that I don’t write these articles just for the sake of writing to try and get published, that was just a bonus. No, I sit down and write as my insides tell me they have something to say. I never have to think of what I need to say I just sit down and something inside me does the talking for me. Thank God for that too because whoever it is that’s inside me talking is way more intelligent sounding than I and that’s no lie.  So as time has gone on and these articles piled up I thought you know they all follow the time line of my recovery and they all tell a fitting story about that specific frame of mind I was in and they progress along with my life as my days clean and sober turn to months and the miracles that a drug free life have to offer begin to transpire in my life. So I thought how fitting would it be to take each letter, each memory and make them their own chapter in this book that I have decided to try and write.

I should probably mention that the contents in this book are not for the faint at heart and I would probably suggest that if you have kids, even teenagers that either you want to be near them while they read this or maybe better yet read it to them as the contents can be a bit graphic. Not in a bad gory horror movie kinda way but more in a totally raw emotional expression of hatred that I have towards the disease of addiction. I will never forgive this disease for the things it has put me through, for the disaster, I was in my addiction and for all the pain I caused those who loved me. I was like a category five hurricane, I brought devastation to the lives of all who came in contact with me in my addiction and in the chapters to come you will not only get a feel for that. You will also get an up-close and very personal look into the mind of star high school athlete turned drug addict dope fiend and a look into how that might feel as a human being.

I write and share these very personal details of my life for one very big reason.  It is my sincere hope that by sharing the pain and experiences that I went through in my  addiction that it will hopefully show someone else that there is a way out. That no matter how bad things are that there is always a little ray of hope. Even in the darkest corners of the dirtiest inner city alleys, there can be a ray of hope. That hopefully somebody somewhere will read this and have it be a motivating factor in them seeking help. If one person seeks help because of it then this book was a miracle and I would be completely blessed because of it. That is my hope and I pray that this helps ,that’s all.