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The ripple effect – making a difference

Make a difference

The Ripple Effect – Make a Difference


I asked them to raise their hands if they had ever felt like they didn’t make a difference. Felt like they didn’t matter and nobody noticed them. The room was full of raised hands, including mine. Do we really make a difference?

The following quote from, Jane [email protected], was on the smart board at the front of the room. “You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” I answered then with an emphatic YES! And it is up to us on how we are going to impact the world around us.

So how do we begin to make a difference? I believe it starts with only two simple steps:

Accept and love ourselves for exactly who we are.

Give effort to be the best we can be one day at a time.

Simple steps yet for many of us it is much easier said than done.

Step 1: We are created in God’s image. The saying, God don’t make no junk, really is the truth. We are perfectly imperfect. Embrace the beauty of who you are at your core. If God loves us then who are we to not love ourselves. You are unique, you are the only one just like you that is, ever was, or will ever be. You are the greatest miracle in the world. Tell yourself this daily and you will begin to see a change in the way you see yourself.

Step 2: Then we just make a conscious choice to be the best we can be for that day. Just one day at a time. Breaking it down this way makes it seem all the more doable. This will also help you begin to find a real sense of worth. We may not always be great at it but if we begin to put it into practice daily our lives will begin to transform as we grow and learn. We will begin to love not only ourselves but truly show unconditional love to those around us.

Imagine you are sitting on the banks of a pond. The water is clear, calm, and still. The surface looks like a pure piece of glass sparkling from the sun. You throw a pebble out into the middle of the pond and watch as the ripple effect makes its way to the banks. It spreads out until it has transformed the entire surface of the pond. We can have the same effect on the world around us on a daily basis. Our actions really do have a ripple effect. They affect others in our inner circle and then it spreads out to their inner circles, and it multiplies in ways that we never see or comprehend. What kind of difference are you going to make? How are you going to make that difference today?

I then asked everyone to finish this simple statement. I WILL

By loving ourselves and giving effort we begin to make a difference in the world around us. A difference that will make our world a better place. Together; lets make a difference, let’s love ourselves, let’s give effort, and let’s change the world!

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