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The Vinophiliac

Wine snobs. Sommelier to Cork dorks they feel superior to the general public because they know so much about Almighty Wine.

I drank to enjoy the buzz. I looked for maximum alcohol content. Those cute little decor signs with jokes, puns and internet humor seemed giggle worthy. Plus being a sloppy, sloppy drunk. You could never accuse me of being a snob.

There is so much information on wine. Books, internet, You Tube, etc.. Gosh, so much to learn. And to think I only used it as a conduit to get drunk. In sobriety I learned more about wine than while drinking, if I am not mistaken, that is the act of a “dry drunk”.

The descriptions of what wine tastes like is so vivid, it’s wonderful. Well, it seemed that way. I could drink without intoxication. No problem. It was all I needed and was not a trigger. The secret to both drinking and not drinking.

Problem was I wasn’t getting drunk. And I only drank for the drunk.

In reality I could care less about taste, body, and bull shit. I needed to be drunk. My simple obsession with inquiry turned into frustration. Constant posts on facebook about wine and those cute little sayings and jokes I began taking as a personal affront and inconsideration. Can’t people be a little sensitive to those of us who can’t drink? Rude.

I have chilled and become more temperate over the past months. Pay more attention to what keeps me sober and less on what doesn’t. It’s a good plan.

I will always be an alcoholic and need to– have to work the program. It is what it is, but…

But I like that I am no longer a wino.