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This Mother’s JOURNEY 

My son Josh committed suicide seven years ago at the age of twenty three from an overdose of OxyContin, Xanax and liquor. Although he was in rehab for many, many years he just couldn’t beat this demon of addiction. Kids today do not realize the consequences of their actions. One wrong pill can kill them or leave them in a coma. My family is ruined now. I am divorced, my daughter is still angry at her brother, my dad went into denial and my mom just cries when his name is mentioned. I do talks now at schools and various venues trying to get through teens. They  think they are invincible! I also wrote a book about Josh “A Mother’s journey ”  by Deborah Doppelt, his struggles and how it affected our family. I also researched the teenage brain and found some very interesting facts as it doesn’t mature as early as first believed. I am just trying to pay it forward in some small way. The fact that these drug companies are pushing OxyContin now for 11-16 yr olds is just insane.