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To-Do List

Good afternoon! My name is Lauren, and I’m a grateful, recovering alcoholic/addict. If this could be my to-do-list everyday, and actually follow through wth it, life would be so much easier. But so many things are easier said than done. But if I could just do this and do one thing and maybe the next day one more thing, and just keep practicing it. It would get easier. This past Sunday at church, the sermon talked about love and kindness, and I guess I never realized that kindness isn’t just being nice. It is being self-less, and going out of your way to help someone out. Giving up my time or energy to help someone when it doesn’t benefit me. I need to practice that more. Letting go of things I can’t control is a big one. When most of the things in my life, I have no control over anyway. But slowing down and just breathing is a big one for me too. I am impatient and rammy-jammy (as my hubby says) and do everything fast. Sometimes (most of the time) I need to slow down, and quit rushing. That’s all I have for today. Have a great one!