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From The Editor | Top 5 Posts of 2016

2016 is almost over, and we are celebrating another amazing year of our recovery community at Addiction Unscripted! Thank you so much for your submissions. Sharing your story really does make a difference. Our most popular posts reached over a million readers—people in recovery, just like you. Here’s a look back at the most viewed stories of 2016. Enjoy!

1. My Hero Is A Heroin Addict

“Do you want to know how a heroin addict is lying? Their lips are moving.” In my experience this is beyond true. Heroin will take control of every action, every word, every function of your body, and every thought that crosses through that addicted little mind. Read the whole story here.

2. Heroin Is The Worst Thing to Ever Happen To Me

Heroin is holding the person I used to be hostage. I used to laugh more. I used to be more light-hearted and whimsical. I used to smile in more than just pictures. I try to remember the moment my world began to revolve around it. Read the whole story here.

3. A Letter From Heaven

Words can’t begin to describe how sorry I am. I’ve put you in a position that no parent should ever face. I left – before you. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. The natural order of things was skewed by my addiction. I can only imagine the agony you must be in. I know you’re angry, despairing and sad, all at the same time. If only you could reach back in time and pluck me from the path I’d chosen, but you can’t. Read the whole story here.

4. Falling In Love With A Heroin Addict

When we met, our life style was a bit intoxicating. We loved to party, and I can’t remember a day where we were actually sober. We were always drinking and having a blast, living our life just as we wanted. We wouldn’t have it any other way. If it wasn’t one drug it was always another. His personality was perfect for a girl like myself. Did I know what I was getting myself into? Not at all. Read the whole story here.

5. A Day In The Life of A Heroin Addict

So you have seen the “Basketball Diaries” or “Trainspotting” and you think you know what it is like to be an addict. You don’t. While both of those movies are great movies and do touch on some very real aspects of being a heroin addict, they do not encompass all that it involves. Being an addict is not nearly so glamorous. Read the whole story here.